Hello 2016!

The moment I finally get the hang of writing out 2015, a year flies by and another few months of scribbled out dates begins. 

If I had one word for 2015, it would be "growing pains". (okay, I know that is not one word, but work with me here)For me, 2015 was not an easy year, but somehow still managed to be incredible. 

When I originally wrote this post the first week of January, I spent 6 hours pouring my heart out into the wee hours of the morning. The clock was ticking  closer to 5am and my eyes were burning but I was determined to finish. I finished my last thought, proof read my work and with a sigh of relief I hit "publish".

And waited...

and waited.

"Safari quit unexpectedly". Huh? Refresh. Gone. All gone. 

No autosave or anything!! I frantically tried to recreate the outpour while it was still fresh but it was unfruitful.  Between my exhaustion and the sheer emotional off the cuff writing, it was too much to recreate so eloquently. 

I was talking about growing pains-- about the stress and hurdles that seemed to plague  2015. What was I thinking?? Such dire words, when in reality I was blind to my need to be grateful. I was too caught up in the moments that I failed to see the cause of my misery... success.

But for the fact of.....

For if I had not had the growth and success, I would not have had to deal with the growing pains. 

What a tremendous journey this has been and what an amazing adventure this will be. New Year, new studio, new growing pains.