{ Ainsley } Celebrating 13

The biggest theme and purpose to my studio is celebration. Celebrating who you are today! Reasons can be a grand as a lifetime milestone, or as simple as, well, just because. The more I shoot teens and tweens, the more I love the meaning behind it.  We often photograph our children when they are young, and somewhere in the middle there might be a family photo or two, and it really is not until their senior year in high school that we take the time to have a session just for them. In the mean time, when do we take the time to celebrate the in between? There is that stage where those wings of independence flap a few times. A transition from your little girl with the cute cheeks and pigtails, to the beautiful and sometimes awkward ................

They go from following fads to tweaking what that love to suit their budding style and sense of self.  The amazing transition to defining who they are to the world around them.  Beyond aesthetics, they test the bounds with the people around them, and I am sure as most parents of a tween/teen can attest to the "attitude".   With so much going on during these years, why aren't we taking the time to celebrate it?

Ainsley's mother came to me wanting to celebrate the big 13 and her new smile. (goodbye braces!!!) We celebrated her evolving beauty and her love and talent for dancing.