Jilian's Journey

 A couple weeks ago I was asked to to join another photographer for a session. I had a vague idea of what it was for, but I never could have imagined the impact.  This was such a beautiful event to be a part of and I look forward to watching Jilian grow as we all root from the sidelines as she battles cancer. 

From Jilian's mother: 

"Jilian is a 12, almost 13 (August 19) year old girl, who resides in Pueblo,Colorado with her mom,step dad,two brothers,Miles (7) and Breckin (5).

At the end of school year in early June, we decided to take a trip to the Chicago-land area to visit family.  It's also where Jilian's Dad resides. She was planning on staying the summer with him and return to Pueblo for the 2016-17 school year where she will be in 8th grade at Pueblo Academy of the Arts.

During the trip, Jilian became severely and acutely ill. She was taken to a pediatric emergency room (6/26) where it was discovered she had Lymphoma and masses in her abdomen,both kidneys and on her mediastinum. She went into surgery the next morning to remove the mass in her abdomen and bowel resection,placement of a port a cath,bilateral bone marrow biopsies and a Lumbar Spinal Tap.

The official diagnosis came back as Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Stage 3.

She has to do weeklong inpatient chemotherapy sessions. We have done 2, currently inpatient for her 3rd and hope to do 3 more before she is able,stable and ready to travel back to Colorado where she will resume care at the Children's Hospital in either Denver or Colorado Springs.

We are raising monies to help pay for medical bills,medical expenses,travel expenses,lodging,the ability to remain in Illinois to support Jilian, gas,food,our Home in Colorado bills,some wigs for Jilian and maybe a stop at Graham's Chocolates. 

Please consider donating to help keep our family afloat during this rough time. As we've been in Illinois and out of work and away from home for 6 weeks and will be about 6 more. 

Thank you and Sincere Love and Gratitude from the Nordmeyer,Golz & Bloomer families."


If you can take a moment to donate, that would be an amazing blessing.