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the truth is

There is no shortage of beautiful and captivating content out there, but when it comes to creating stunning visual content to represent your brand, it’s easy to feel like you are falling short.

While others are “effortlessly” crushing their branding with beautiful cohesive imagery, you’re sitting front row on the struggle bus trying to achieve the same quality and consistency— wondering if you’ll ever be able to do the same. You are not alone…but it doesn’t have to be this way.

You CAN have the confidence and content to elevate your brand. The experience and expertise of our studio will help you create the powerful visual identity you crave so you can attract the people + experiences that are most aligned with your deepest desires.

Method to the madness

Magnetic By Design

Effective personal brand photography starts with a personalized + collaborative experience. Everything we do is for women, by women.

Our studio is dedicated to helping women like you create magnetic visuals to accelerate + elevate your impact so you can show up the way you were meant to —because the world needs your genius.

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The Studio

The main window reads:


Our mission on display for all to see. The Studio is located on Main St in the heart of downtown Algonquin, IL.

Our clients can enjoy the versatility of an adaptable natural-light studio complemented by the diverse range of nature and urban settings just outside, giving our clients effortless diversity for their session



Transform the way people view you + your brand. The messaging credibility boosted by the clarity that comes from a brand session will cultivate the confidence you desire. Get ready to show up the way you are meant to.


The BOLD Method lays the foundation for strategic + magnetic brand visuals that capture your brand confidently. No more wasted time on figuring out what to post, scrolling through generic stock photos that won’t convert.


Connection drives conversion. Imagery that is intentionally created to include the heart + human element behind the brand will have your ideal client falling in love with you + your business. Know—Like—Trust. Boom.

“She made me feel confident and comfortable during the photoshoot—I had a wonderful experience working with Ashley! She was prepared, patient and professional. I would definitely hire her again!”


the process

Wondering how this works?

step 01


First thing first! Click CONNECT so we can discuss your goals, business and how we can work together. It is important to me to make sure the vision + vibes are in alignment. We can hop on a clarity call or keep it over email— either way, we wanna hear what exciting things you’re up to!

step 02


Enter the beauty of The BOLD Method— a personalized + collaborative experience to translate your brand’s essence into magnetic imagery that connects. The Client Success Guide has everything you need to prepareBefore your session we hop on a final planning call to bring everything together and create your Magnetic Visibility Plan.

step 03


We did it! Pop the bubbly + cue a giddy happy dance. Your fully guided session included a gameplan and we got everything you wanted(and then some). You exclaim, “it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!”, we laugh and laugh— then you say “So for next time I want to….”

oh hey!

I’m ashley

The visionary behind the lens. You need someone who sees your magic and can creatively capture it in a way that connects + converts.

I’m obsessed with helping women feel more confident and shift their energy around how they show up in their business.

choose your journey

How can we make some magic together?


Boost your visibility and your ability to connect with your dream clients with photos that reflect your genuine message + personality

COACHING + education

You don’t have to do this alone— and you shouldn’t. Coaching can provide the clarity, empowerment + momentum you’ve been craving.


When 75% of a consumer’s decision to buy is based on visuals, having beautiful and cohesive images of your amazing product is crucial.

Celebrated Women

“My branding experience with Ashley was absolutely incredible from start to finish.”

She was so generous with her time, expertise and creativity, and she captured the exact feel I wanted for my frame and brith business


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