Why Photography Still Matters in Branding and Business

When you are managing a brand, photography is generally one of those expenses that don’t always make the top of the list. Is having professional photos really necessary? Is it possible to just take photos yourself or use generic stock images instead? There is always that option but whether or not you will stand out from your competitors is another issue. Every brand, regardless of the industry, can benefit from professional photos. It’s an important asset that can contribute to the overall success of your brand. Here is why brands should still care about professional photography: 

Visual Storytelling Matters.

In an age where people skim the web instead of reading in- depth copy, photos are worth a thousand words. Instead of telling potential clients what you have to offer, you can show them. This includes photos of your products or services and photos of you, the face behind the brand.

Low-Quality Images Affect Your Brand’s Image.

You may be tempted to skimp on the cost of a professional photographer and take your photos yourself. However, if your images aren’t the best quality, this has a direct impact on your brand’s image. And if your photos are the first thing a customer will see, naturally this affects their first impression of your brand.

Customers Want to Know Who You Are.

The more transparent and relatable a brand is, the more customers are willing to trust it. Showing customers who you are is one of the ways to build more brand credibility. Unfortunately, stock photos will only get you so far. This is why including photos of you on your website and social media is a must in a competitive business landscape.

Photos are a Marketing Asset.

Photos are a form of content and content is still king. A collection of professional photos is a marketing asset. They have the ability to make your website and general online presence far more engaging. What’s more, you can also use them in any offline material such as brochures.

Photos are Good for SEO.

Lastly, professional photos are also perfect for enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Optimized images increase the chances of your website and online profiles being found by the right audience. In the end, professionals photos are still a valuable investment, one that can enhance your brand in 2021 and beyond.