Why Your Business Needs CEO Branding

The reality is consumers would prefer to purchase a product or service from a person rather than a big brand. But how do you cater to this need without letting your brand die? The answer is CEO branding.

CEO branding refers to the process of adding a face to your brand – you don’t need to be a large corporation to make this tactic work for you either. Businesses of every size can use CEO branding to their advantage. In essence, CEO branding is a form of personal branding.

By adding a personal branding touch to your business, you are showing customers who they’re supporting, what your values are, and what you hope to achieve with your products and services. CEO branding also helps you incorporate your uniqueness into your business, which is what potential customers will remember.

How to Use CEO Branding to Your Advantage

Get Clear on Your Personal Brand

The first step is to define your personal brand. This means getting clear on your vision, hopes for the future, and your strengths and weaknesses. Who are you as a person inside and outside the office? What aspects of your personality and achievements fit in with your brand and would appeal to your target audience? 

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak About Your Failures

To make CEO or personal branding work for you, it’s important to be authentic. This means that you should be proud of your achievements and who you are. It also means you can’t be afraid to reference your failures. Your failures are what make you human and what customers and potential business partners will relate to. 

Make It Visual

You can’t just put a small blurb on your website about who you are. If you want to have a lasting impact, get visual. A personal branding or CEO shoot gives people even more insight into who you are. Plus, putting a face to all the copy makes you more trustworthy. Work with a photographer who can help your message shine through visually. 

Think Twice About Promotion

Now that you are clear on your personal brand and have the visuals to back it all up, you need to promote your brand. Over and above promote your CEO brand on your site, consider which platforms your target audience spends the most time on. Promoting your brand on the wrong platforms won’t have the effect you are hoping for.

Speak to the Future

Lastly, get your target audience excited by bringing the focus to what you hope to achieve in the near future. Are you going to be offering more services, developing a new product, or getting behind a new cause? Find ways to promote your vision.  

CEO branding can benefit your business and making it work for your company is easier than you might think.